Astolfo | Expat Cinema

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Movie cover
Gianni Di Gregorio
97 minuten
Gianni Di Gregorio, Simone Colombari
Vraag iemand mee

Lost in Translation, our expat cinema, is back! On Sunday July 16 we will screen the Italian comedy 'Astolfo'.

Astolfo, a kind-hearted, retired professor evicted from his apartment, decides to move into an old noble but decrepit palace, the last remnant of his family patrimony in a remote village of Abruzzo, where he hasn’t been for decades. Soon enough, as a newcomer, he befriends a vagabond, a retired chef and a young handyman. A group of four live harmoniously at his place when he comes across Stefania, a charming and generous woman of his age. Astolfo falls in love and struggles with feelings he thought belonged to the past. Encouraged by his loyal group, Astolfo makes a brave step and learns delightedly that it’s never too late to fall in love.

Director Di Gregoria debuted with his film 'Pranzo di Ferragosto' in 2008, in which he also played the lead role.