The Body Politic | Movies that Matter on Tour

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Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough
87 minuten
Vraag iemand mee

Iedere maand vertonen we in samenwerking met Movies that Matter en de lokale Amnesty Internationalgroep de mooiste documentaires en speelfilms over mensenrechten. Op dinsdag 9 april: The Body Politic. 

Indringende documentaire over Brandon Scott, de nog jonge burgemeester van Baltimore, die zich maximaal inzet om een einde te maken aan het wapengeweld in de stad.

We vertonen deze film met Engelse ondertiteling | We will screen this film with English subtitles

Like many areas in the United States, the City of Baltimore has been plagued by gun violence. Amid the George Floyd uprising, Brandon Scott, a young reform-minded leader, is elected mayor. Scott is elected amid the George Floyd uprising, and he introduces an ambitious public health-focused approach to violence reduction that he promises will lower the city's murder rate. Pundits claim Brandon's political health and the city's health are tied to the number 348 – the total murders Baltimore had the previous year, more homicides than NYC, a city 15 times its size. After entering office and barely getting a chance to enact his first safety reforms, violence surges to new highs. As the media & political foes attack his holistic plan, he remains committed to his principles even as it puts his future as a politician in jeopardy. Throughout his first year in office, our cameras continue to follow Brandon to see if his plan will work and lead to healing in Baltimore and maybe even reveal a path forward for the nation.


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